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Would we consider culling and eating one of our family milk cows? What if they were not able to be bred?

In today’s video we answer your #homesteading questions, left in our comments below with the hashtag #askhomesteady.

We answer…

Do we keep a record of our cow Ladybug’s breeding cycle?
Why did we use breeding hormones when breeding Ladybug?
If ladybug doesn’t get pregnant this time will we use a bull?
How many tries do you get when you do A.I?
How much does an A.I. Tech charge?
Are show animals being bred bad genetics?
Is our cow Ladybug A2A2 genetics? Is the bull we bred her to also A2A2?
Did we have to dehorn our calf Luna?
Is it normal for a calf in heat to act unsettled? Irritated?
What age will be breed Luna?
Is there a danger in breeding luna to a larger bull?
How much will we charge for a mini Jersey calf?
Is it ok to grain feed cows?
If we could not buy feed for our cows would we have to sell her?
Do we feed our animals anything to reduce worms?
Why don’t we routine deworm our animals?
Have we used ingestibles to kill the fly population?
Do we worry about our chickens or ducks to eating dead flies with fly spray on them?
Why don’t flies land on our cow’s udder? Can we use that as a fly deterrent?
Would muscovey ducks make good fly control?
How many times a day do we milk our cow?
Can you get worms from cows milk?
Do we like making cheese or butter from our cow’s milk?
Have we started to train our Calf Luna to the stanchion?
Why don’t we use milking machines? Will we ever use one?
How do you get more cream in your milk?
Why have we not weaned Luna our Calf? When will we?
Have we ever thought of breeding Luna or Ladybug to a meat breed? Would we raise a bull calf for meat?
If we couldn’t get our dairy cow to be bred would we cull and eat her?
How often should you feed your goats?
Should goat horns be sanded or trimmed?

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