WHAT IS THE EASIEST ANIMAL TO START HOMESTEADING WITH? (and other homesteading questions answered) – Thumbnail


Today we answer the questions you left on our channel… including

Where do we get our music for our videos from?
Why didn’t we vaccinate our goats for west nile disease?
What age do you butcher Nubian goats for meat? How much meat do you get from them?
What are our orchard plans for our new farm?
What is a good entry level vlogging camera and software?
What kind of broadheads do I hunt with?
Would I let my kids hunt with a crossbow?
Do we have an amazon affiliate link for Canada, UK, and Australia?
Do I feed my dog trimmings from our butchered animals?
Why does Bones have a white patch on his nose?
What is the easiest animal to start with homesteading?
What method do we use to pluck ducks?
Why don’t we butcher and eat our extra ducks?
A few questions on ageing and processing animals…
And much more!

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