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Full tour of a DIY micro cabin built inside of a used shipping container. We spent a night sleeping in this tiny house at the Repère Boréal eco resort in Quebec, Canada. You can check out their incredible cabins here:

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The shipping container was originally a 53′ long shipping container that they purchased used (it used to be a Canadian Tire container, one of our favourite stores!) and they cut it in half to create two identical cabins.

They insulated the container with foam boards, they heat it with an electric baseboard, and they have a Sun-Mar composting toilet.

The Repère Boréal eco resort is a gorgeous space created by two brothers, Simon and Jonathan. Their father had originally bought the land to start a campground but he passed away before the project could begin. The two brothers decided to build on his dream and have created several inspiring tiny cabin designs.

They also have an outdoor spa area with hot tubs, a sauna, and a cold shower. It’s pretty spectacular (speaking from firsthand experience!).

We think it’s so important to show that tiny spaces can still be functional, liveable, and beautiful all at the same time. Bigger isn’t always better and we’d love to see more diversity in the sizes of homes that are being built to accommodate for a whole range of preferences.

For the time being, a lot of the more interesting small spaces being created are at eco-resorts because they have a little bit more freedom with the building code since they’re not meant for full-time use.

Be sure to check out Repère Boréal if you’re in Quebec!

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