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The Priorities of Survival is vital to know and there is now easier way to remember them then the Rule of Threes. The rule of 3s will help prioritize your survival needs and help you remember when you should be focused on shelter building, finding water or finding food.

The Rule of Three’s are as followed:
-You can survive three minutes without oxygen.
-You can survive three hours without shelter
-You can survive three days without water
-You can survive three weeks without food
-You can survive three months without social interaction

This simple mnemonic will help prioritize your survival needs and help you survive in the wilderness. Even if you have awesome survival skills, you need to know when to use these skills. For example, If you are lost in the woods in the middle of winter, you shouldn’t be focused on building traps and snares. You first need to focus on building a primitive shelter and building a fire first. Then you need to prioritize finding a source of water. After you have taken care of these survival needs then you can focus on using your survival skills to capture small game and take care of finding food.


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