Is Your Car Crisis-Ready?


Very often, when survivalists think of prepping, they think of storing supplies at home and making sure that there's enough food or water. It's very common to overlook prepping one's vehicle for a crisis.

You could be driving a sports car, van or station wagon it doesn't matter. When things get hairy and you need to evacuate your primary residence immediately, your vehicle absolutely must be prepped and ready to go.

In this article, we'll look at a few pointers to take note of when making your car crisis-ready.

* Blankets
Depending on the number of members in your family, you may wish to keep a few blankets handy. If the need arises and you need to bug out in your car, it may get cold at night and the blankets will keep you warm.

There have been instances where people have been trapped in their cars during heavy blizzards, etc. They either got lost, their cars got stuck in the snow or it got too dark for them to navigate their way. All these are very likely scenarios.

Having blankets in the car to keep yourself warm will make things more bearable and prevent hypothermia.

* Food and water
Of course, having some food and water in your vehicle will help. These could either be in your bug out bags or you could have them in your trunk.

* Fuel and tires
Every prepper should ensure that their vehicle's fuel tank is always full. Having a spare can of gas in the trunk will also give you an added sense of security.

During a crisis, it's very common for there to be long queues at the gas stations as people plan on evacuating. Having gas on standby will save you time and you'll be good to go as soon as possible.

Ensure that your tires are well-maintained. Do not drive around with tires that are bald. You'll be more prone to skidding. If you're driving in the snow, you'll want to use snow tires to give you extra grip.

Besides the tires and fuel, always ensure that your car is serviced at regular intervals. It should have sufficient brake fluid, windshield wiper fluid, the tail lights should be working, the oil should be changed and so on.

Your vehicle might be crucial for getting you to safety during a crisis. Ensure that it is equipped and ready to do the job instead of breaking down halfway when you need it most.

* Tools and essential equipment
Always have tools like jumper cables, duct tape, a spare tire, flashlights, a map, cell phone charger, toilet paper, road warning triangles, lug wrench, a jack, etc.

All this equipment will come in very handy when you're in a situation where you need to change your tire should it go flat or need to jumpstart your car battery should it die.

* First aid kit
This is one of those items that is non-negotiable. You absolutely MUST have a first aid kit in your car, even if you're not a prepper. In the unfortunate event of an accident, having a first aid kit may prove invaluable for administering immediate first aid to the casualty until the first responders arrive.

You may either put together a first aid kit yourself or purchase one that is already well-stocked.

* Foldable bicycle
Having a foldable bicycle in the trunk of your car can be a lifesaver depending on the crisis. Should your vehicle run out of gas and you're several miles away from a gas station, all you'll need to do is open up the bicycle, grab your empty gas can and cycle to the gas station to fill it up.

If you didn't have a bicycle, you'd have to walk miles. Let's not forget the return trip where you'll need to lug the heavy can of gas too. You'll not always need a foldable bicycle, but it's always handy to have one with you.

Adhere to these pointers and prepare your vehicle for a crisis. You need to take into consideration the place you live in, the climate, the number of family members, etc. when prepping your car. This will help you to plan wisely and have a car that's crisis-ready.

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