Home Security Tips Every Prepper Must Know


Every prepper should do whatever it takes to make their home safe and secure. During times of crisis, your home should be like a fortress that no enemy can break into. If things get really bad, you can bet your last dollar that people will try to break into your home to steal your food or other valuable items.

Even during peace time there are about 1.5 million home break-ins a year in the US. If there are natural disasters or pandemics or other crises, there will be a rise in crimes of opportunity and/or desperation.

Taking what others have for self-preservation and survival will become second nature to those who have no qualms about committing crime. Even people who wouldn't normally think of hurting someone else may be forced to do it out of desperation.

Being prepared is key to staying safe, and if you can't be safe in your home, you'll always be worried and at the edge of panic. Follow the tips in this article and make sure your home is safe and secure.

* Install a home alarm system
In case anyone tries breaking into your home, the alarms will go off and unnerve them. It'll also alert law enforcement or the security company to check on your safety.

* Have floodlights outside your home
If someone is creeping around your house waiting for an opportunity to break in, their skulking around will trigger the sensors and they'll be bathed in floodlights like a star on Broadway. They'll run off because the last thing most criminals want is to be seen.

* Trim hedges and get rid of hiding spots
You want your home to be clearly visible from the outside so that no one can be hiding in corners to take you by surprise and force their way into your house. Shrubbery, statues, blind spots, etc. will provide hiding spots for criminals.

* Check all points of access
Check every door, window, gap, etc. to make sure no one can sneak in without your knowledge. Even a small window could be used by a criminal to get into a house if they use a child to help sneak in and open the door, etc. Make sure your home is impenetrable.

* Have strong doors
This is a common mistake made by many homeowners. They're more concerned with aesthetics than functionality. The door has only one job, to keep out intruders. If someone can just shoulder or kick your door down, that's an epic failure at securing your home.

Install double hinges to strengthen the door. Make sure it's made of solid wood that's not flimsy. The door is weakest at the frame. Ensure that the door frame is solid. If your door has glass panels, make sure it's laminated glass that's extremely difficult to break.

* Don't assist robbers unwittingly
Do not have ladders lying around outside your house. Burglars could easily use them to climb up to the upper windows and gain access into your home.

Another mistake people make is hiding their keys outside in rocks or under flower pots. You can rest assured that career criminals always know where to look. Some of them might even be casing out your house for weeks monitoring your activities, so they know when to break in. If they see you hiding your key outside, breaking in will be a walk in the park.

Lock your garage. You don't want people hiding inside there waiting to pounce on you just before you enter your house.

* Keep a guard dog
Probably one of the best deterrents to criminals, guard dogs that are well-trained will take down most burglars in seconds. Studies have shown that the sound of a dog barking in a house almost always makes most criminals think twice about breaking in and most of the time they won't. The idea of getting bitten by a vicious dog is more terrifying than wondering if the homeowner is armed.

* Own a firearm
If your country's laws allow it, do own a firearm and make sure you know how to use it well. If you live alone, or you're an elderly person or a single woman, and two or three intruders are trying to break into your home, a firearm will always level the playing field.

The sound of a gunshot will have most criminals fleeing for their lives. Unlike the movies, most criminals don't hang around to engage in a firefight. The risks are too high. They might either get shot and someone would have alerted the police. They'll get away as fast as they can.

The tips in this article are just a few of the many out there. One of the best moves you can make will be to hire a security professional to assess your home and the external areas of your property.

He or she will be able to recommend ways to secure your home and make it burglar-proof. This is an investment worth making. Crime occurs daily, and if you're proactive early, you'll not end up becoming a home break-in statistic.

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