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Go inside the lives of more Americans prepping for the end of the world. First meet profile Bryan Smith, who lives in rural Florida and fears a looming economic collapse will lead to violent social unrest. He is growing tobacco and sugar cane to use as barter and is also manufacturing his own ammunition. To protect his family, Bryan has decided to install an underground bunker. He contacts his childhood friend, Ron Hubbard, a steel manufacturer in Los Angeles who builds bunkers professionally and has agreed to build a custom one for Bryan. Than meet Christine, who is anxiously preparing for a mega tsunami that she fears will devastate the East Coast. She has converted her garage into a fully stocked doomsday ready-room and is prepared to bug-out at a moment’s notice.

This video falls under the “FAIR USE Act. Section 3, (V) Public interest work” and is for educational purpose only. It’s not monetized in any way and the sole copyright holder is National Geographic.

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