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We are building an off-grid solar clean energy system from scratch. In this video, we cover the main power center, including the MagnaSine Inverter/Charger and Dual MidNite Solar Classic 150 Charge Controllers. We show you how our system is wired, backup systems, and take you through the power-up sequence. This is Part 5 of a series on building a DIY off grid solar energy system.

SOLAR SYSTEM PART Want To Support Our Efforts?
altE Store Alternative Energy Distributor:

SimpliPhi 3.5 KWH Lithium Ion Battery, 48V:

Midnite Solar MNPV6 Combiner Box:

SolarWorld Sunmodule Plus 290 Watt Panels:

Midnite Solar Surge Protection Device 300VDC:

Amphenol Helos H4 Connector Female:

Amphenol Helos H4 Connector Male:

T4 Disconnect Key:

PV Wire By The Foot 10AWG:

AltE Pre-Wired System Magnum Inverter MAG4448-2CL150 (special request – not on site):

MidNite Solar Classic 150 MPPT:

Magnum Energy MSPAE-4448 Inverter/Charger:

Magnum ME-RC50 Remote Control:

MidNite Solar Wiz Bang Jr Battery Monitor:

DIY Off-Grid Solar Series Playlist:

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Is It Cheaper Off-Grid? Our First 5 Months Living Off The Grid:

Do You Need Internet Off-Grid? Why We Think It Is A MUST…:

Investing Money Wisely Off Grid To Remain Debt Free:

How We Found Our Off Grid Homestead Property:

Guildbrook Farm is an off grid, modern homestead located in the foothills of Appalachia. We take you along on our journey to become more self reliant by growing an organic garden, raising heritage breed chickens and pigs, improve our skills in canning and food preservation, building off the grid renewable energy systems, prepping for events such as natural disasters, and learning old time skills. Join us as we build an off-grid cabin and homestead from raw land while remaining debt-free. Follow our successes and failures as we learn to live a more simple, sustainable lifestyle.

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Jeremy, Jaime, Marina, and Ilaria ❤️

Guildbrook Farm
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