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François & Emily are a young Canadian couple who’ve decided they want to live a simple, minimalist lifestyle…and they’re going to do it by living in a van. They say the #vanlife will help them live life at their own pace, allow them to do the things they love, and hopefully save money so they can eventually buy land and live in a tiny house.

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The couple spent several months downsizing their belongings, and they followed a schedule so that each day they tackled a different part of their life, from their wardrobe, to their cell phones, to their car.

After downsizing their stuff, they were able to move into a smaller, cheaper space by renting a room in an apartment.

Now that they’re spending less money on rent and buying fewer things, they’re able to save more and will start to travel full time in their DIY conversion camper van.

They’re hoping to work half the year, finding odd jobs as they go, and travel for the other half the year.

We’re excited to follow their nomadic adventures and see what a simple life allows them to accomplish.

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