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Denis Tremblay, a.k.a The Wakefield Pirate, lives on a stunning houseboat he built with reclaimed materials. He’s a creative who builds furniture, hardware, and anything else that strikes his fancy. You can follow him on Facebook, Instagram, and on his website here:

The Dragon Boat is 34 feet long including the front and back decks, and 10 feet wide. It has folding cat walks on both sides. The cabin is 19 feet long by 10 feet wide, so 190 square feet of indoor living space. He also has a rooftop deck for added living space (and amazing views).

Denis built this boat 4 years ago using a welded aluminum frame, cedar wood, tin siding, and other reclaimed materials. He built most of the cabinets and furniture with salvaged wood and metal, and antiques, for a very unique look.

The thatch roof is actually made with plastic from recycled milk cartons. It’s more durable than real thatch, and it’s lighter than using metal or shingles for the roof.

The boat is on 4-season pontoons that can freeze into the ice without damaging the boat.

The ultimate in space-saving furniture would be his murphy bed which operates on a winch so he can easily transform his living space into a bedroom.

He uses propane for his heat, cooktop, and fridge. He draws water from the river, and he has a dry bucket toilet.

The boat is insulated, which allows it to be lived in year-long. With the 4 patio doors, Denis says the sun keeps the boat above freezing most days, and the heat from the fridge helps keep the space warm as well.

It was really neat meeting Denis and getting to see him create different pieces in his shop, and to see how he designed such a unique space for himself to live on.

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