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Today we answer your cow and homesteading related questions, including…

How many times do you need to put a magnet inside a cow?
Do you need to put a magnet inside a goat?
Can cows provide milk if they are not bred?
What does K cook from day to day? And are the kids Picky?
How do you handle curly hair?
Why did we wait so long to breed our how?
What genetic milk traits did we select our cow for?
How many calves will we expect to get from ladybug?
Will we AI our goats?
What REALLY are free martins?
How can you get more cream from your cow?
What is the difference between a mini Jersey and a regular Jersey?
Can you freeze cow milk?
Have we ever got our cows milk tested for disease?
What equipment do I use milking?
And more!

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