7 Disaster Preparedness Tips for Pet Owners


If you're a survivalist who has pets, you'll need to take extra measures when prepping for a crisis. It's easy to overlook your pet's needs and find yourself in a fix during a crisis.

In this article, we'll look at 7 pointers that pet owners should be aware of. Adhere to them and it'll be easier for you to look out for your pet during a crisis.

Do not abandon your pets if there's an emergency. It can be heartbreaking to have to leave them behind because you're not well prepared, and it will take an emotional toll on you.

1. Can you transport your pet?
Having a pet transport box is crucial. If you have a cat, dog, hamster, rabbit, etc. you should have a suitable box that allows you to transport them easily. Should there be a flood, etc. you can just place the pet in the box and quickly carry it to your car and drive off to a safe place.

If you must leave your house for a while, never place your pet on a leash and tie it to a fixed object. If there's danger like a flood, wildfire, etc. your pet will instinctively seek a safer place or higher ground. If it's tied down, it will be unable to escape and perish.

2. Do you have food and water?
If you're a pet owner, you'll realize that your pets are quite fussy when it comes to food. Very often, they don't take too kindly to their diets being changed. So, if you're feeding them a particular brand of dog food, it would be wise to have extra supplies of this same brand stored for an emergency.

Do not expect to grab any old brand off the store for your pet. Give them what they're accustomed to eating. Have a few bottles of water stored for your pet and a dropper or a dish for them to drink from.

3. Medication
If your pet is on medication, you'll need supplies of those. Other items such as flea and tick powder, pet shampoo, etc. should be packed too. You'll need whatever you commonly use for your pet.

While you won't need all the usual 'pet luxuries' like their favorite cushion, etc. you will need the necessities. It might be a good idea to have a little bug out bag for your pet so that you can grab it and go without panicking and scrambling at the last minute.

4. Toys
Pack your pet's favorite chew toy or whatever toy they play with the most. This will comfort your pet during tough times too.

5. Waste management
Pooper scoopers, trash bags, extra litter, etc. are all items that you may need depending on your pet. So, pack whatever you need, and it will be easier to deal with their waste during a crisis.

6. Important documents
If you're traveling with your pet, you should have their vaccination papers and other necessary documents that are relevant. If you need to see a vet, these documents will be useful.

7. Exercise
While cats are usually content to walk about, dogs may require more exercise depending on the breed. Bring a leash and whatever you need to for them to get the exercise they need. You might want to bring a muzzle too, just in case you must stay somewhere where there are other people in close proximity.

If the crisis you're facing is a pandemic or contagion, it's best to exercise your pet indoors. By bringing them outdoors, they could track bacteria back into your house. Be very careful during times like these.

During a crisis, animals are usually aware too. Their heightened senses and alert nature make it an even more stressful time for them.

So, give them more attention and comfort in times of crisis. Like they say, 'Money can buy you a fine dog, but only love can make him wag his tail.' This applies during a survival times too. Stay safe.

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