3 Powerful Tactical Fitness Strategies for Survivalists


One of the best ways to stay prepared for any survival situation is to be physically fit. You may have all the equipment such as the bug out bag, first aid kit, camping gear, etc. but if you lack the strength and fitness to carry the gear and get from point A to point B, you will be severely hampered.

What happens if your wife suffers a leg fracture and you need to carry her up the stairs because the ground floor is getting flooded? Do you have the strength to carry her up?

What do you do if you're a woman who encounters a potential rapist? Do you have the speed and stamina to overcome his unwanted advances and run off to safety?

If you need to evacuate your home because of a hurricane and discover that a tree has collapsed on your car, are you able to traverse the 3 miles lugging your bug out bag to the designated shelter?

These tasks require strength and stamina and you need to train right for it. There is a difference between tactical training and just training for fitness. You need to train like a soldier.

You'd be surprised to find that even the most muscular guys at the gym, aren't able to carry a soldier's field pack and walk 5 miles. Most will collapse in a heap of sweaty exhaustion after a mile or two.

They're just not trained specifically to handle such demands. While being able to bench press 200 pounds and squat 300 pounds is an achievement, it's not going to help you as far as survival situations go.

You need to train specifically for the possible demands that may occur.

1. Train with weight
Walking long distances is an essential ability that you must have as a survivalist. However, walking alone is not enough. You must be able to walk with weight on your shoulders.

The best way to train, is to do it like you would in an actual scenario. Fill a backpack with weight that's similar to what your bug out bag weighs, and walk with it on your back whenever you're training. Alternatively, you may choose to just use your bug out bag.

In a real-life situation, you may need to squat to pick up something that you dropped, or you may need to take a knee to read a map on the ground. In many cases, it will be inconvenient to take off your backpack just to do this.

So, practice doing squats, lunges and Bulgarian split squats with this weight on your shoulders. You'll develop the strength to handle the weight over time and it'll come naturally. You'll be able to pick up objects or kneel and get up without taking off your backpack.

Do train with variety. Carry the backpack across your arms as you would if you were carrying a casualty. This will tax your biceps till they burn. You're developing static strength here. In most cases, you'll need to carry an injured casualty in this manner.

2. Sprinting
Most people do not run often. Some don't run at all. If you're a survivalist, you must train to sprint. Train using high intensity interval training. Frequent sprints will increase your strength, stamina and speed.

This is especially useful for women who may face threats from unsavory men. The ability to run fast is your best defense. They can't hurt you if they can't catch you. Most won't try because of the effort required.

3. Drills
In Karate, they call it katas. This is a pattern of movements that are repeated over and over till they become second nature to you. By repeatedly following the series of kicks and punches, your skills are honed and your reaction time is greatly reduced.

If you're a prepper/survivalist, it's best to know some form of self-defense. Krav Maga is great. However, you MUST practice the movements repeatedly until you can do them with your eyes closed.

Once again, women must focus on this even more. During a physical altercation with a man who wants to rape or hurt you, your practice will make you instinctively execute the palm heel strikes to the chin and knees to the groin without having to think.

If he blocks your knee, you'll elbow his chin or stab his eyes. This is the body reacting from hours of repeated drills. In a life and death situation, precious seconds make all the difference. If you're thinking of your next move, you'll be at the losing end. Practice your drills daily.

This applies to using a firearm, evacuating your home as a family, setting up a tent or starting a fire. Whatever skill you need to have will be made better with practice. Do not just think it but physically do it.

Follow the tips in this article and train tactically. The difference between a survivalist's fitness regime and the average person who hits the gym, is that the survivalist is training with one goal in mind, to get that edge to survive at all costs. Once you understand this, you'll train in a tactical manner that suits your goals. Stay tough and stay prepared.

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