3 Best Self-Defense Weapons for Women


The statistics will show that in the US alone, every single hour there’ll be over 500 thefts, over 10 rapes, more than 20 sexual assaults, close to 200 violent crimes and over 60 robberies committed against women.

The statistics are not pretty and things can be extremely ugly if you find yourself in a situation where you might end up a statistic. It’s very common for people to assume that bad stuff always happens to other people. This is not true.

Danger is always prowling around looking for victims. You MUST be prepared. Mental preparation for a physical encounter is just as important as any physical preparation.

In this article we’ll look at 3 of the best self-defense weapons that all women should have. While having a firearm is fantastic if you know how to use one well, it does have its limitations.

Firstly, most violent encounters happen very quickly and escalate fast. The assailant closes up the distance between him and his victim as soon as he can. This is especially so for crimes against women where most perpetrators believe that their brute strength can help them overpower women.

Unfortunately, this is true in most cases. So, before you have time to use your firearm to scare away your potential attacker, they’re already breathing down your neck. To make matters worse, in the event they wrench the firearm away from you, they can always use it against you and even end your life.

Therefore, all 3 weapons mentioned in this article will not be about firearms and instead focus on close-range self-defense and also be safer than firearms.

1.Stun guns
These are without a doubt the best weapon for self-defense. They’re light, inexpensive and can incapacitate an attacker completely.

They’re perfectly safe too. The voltage is absorbed fully by the person you use the stun gun on and there is no risk of the shock being passed on to you.

You can use them on any part of your attacker’s body and the effect will be the same. In the event your attacker grabs it from you and uses it on you, you’ll not die. While that’s a small consolation, it’s still better than getting shot with your own gun.

2.Pepper sprays
Pepper sprays are excellent. However, they take second place because you’ll need to aim for the person’s face. When you’re in a panic and facing a violent situation, your adrenaline rush will cause tunnel vision and you may miss your attacker’s face or eyes.

They’ll wise up and quickly knock the pepper spray out of your hands or subdue your arm to keep the spray down. So, it’s essential that you have the element of surprise when using the spray. Spray generously and run off. Do not hang around to watch the show.

3.Tactical knives
Tactical knives makes it to third place because it requires some skill to use. Of course, with a knife you can either stab or slash. Stabbing always causes more damage. Ideally, you should have gone through some self-defense classes that trains you on knife attacks and defense.

In a close-range situation, stabbing your attacker several times in the thighs will definitely injure them enough to make them back away. If your life is truly in danger, stabbing your attacker in the neck or rib cage just might give you a fighting chance to survive.

Using knives as a form of self-defense is NOT pretty. There will be blood and it can get very messy. You may even end up cutting yourself. If the assailant gets your knife, he could use it on you. So, that’s a problem too.

However, if you’re trained well and you know what you’re doing, tactical knives are far more effective than stun guns or pepper sprays. They’re lethal in the right hands.

Do note that tactical knives are different from you common kitchen knives. They construction is sturdier and the blade is harder. Tactical knives are made to handle combat situations. Don’t get a normal kitchen knife and keep it in your handbag thinking it will help.

Now that you know what the most effective self-defense weapons are, pick one that suits you and be prepared. Practice removing it from your purse or handbag so that you build speed and in a dangerous situation, you’ll be ready with your weapon in seconds. 

Lastly, always be aware of your surroundings so that you’re not taken by surprise. Always remember that your reaction to a situation literally has the power to change the situation itself. Stay alert and stay prepared.

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